Reversing the Quail Decline December Newsletter

The end of the year is a time of celebration for many, but for quail it's often a time of hardship. This month we have an episode of Dr. Dale on Quail that explains why winter is such a tough time for these little birds. Plus we've got a new online lesson all about quail songs and calls.

Startling statistics everyone needs to know about wild pigs

Whether you refer to them as feral hogs or wild pigs, Sus scrofa is a species that negatively is impacting nearly every part of Texas.

Not only do wild pigs wreak havoc on pastures, fields and golf courses alike, they contaminate our water sources and destroy native species.

Creepy Halloween critters found in Texas

SAN ANTONIO - Are you a fan of spiders or bats or how about some pumpkins?

All those iconic symbols of Halloween are found right here in Texas. But here are some facts on those spooky critters that you may not have known about.

State-Funded Studies Help Federal Agency Remove Two Mussels from Endangered Species Candidate List

(Texas Comptroller) — The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) has determined that two Texas mussels can be removed from the list of candidate species under the federal Endangered Species Act (ESA). The determinations were based mainly on research funded by the Texas Comptroller’s office and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD).

Spending the game bird stamp money

Lone Star Outdoor News — Research, education at the forefront. Funds from the $7 Upland Game Bird Endorsement purchased with hunting licenses in Texas have been used to support research and education regarding bobwhite and scaled quail over the past six years.

Wild Pig Wars: Controversy Over Hunting, Trapping

While Louisiana has a stout wild pig population, and Missouri presumably has a relatively small population, Texas wears a painful crown at the top of the porcine heap in the U.S., as home to roughly 3 million wild pigs. The Texas A&M Natural Resources Institute (NRI) places the control rate to maintain wild pig populations at 66%. In stripped-down parlance: Texas needs to remove approximately 2 million wild pigs per year to keep 3 million wild pigs on the landscape...

Melrose Air Force Range: more than a training range

Melrose Air Force Range is not only Air Force Special Operations Command’s only training range used to train our special operations teams, but it is an environmental preserve as well where NRI implements passive automated monitoring systems for T&E species research.

SARA Student Internship Announced

The San Antonio River Authority Internship was established in 2012 and is awarded to a highly motivated outstanding undergraduate student of a Texas institute of higher education. This internship is designed to provide an individual interested in Biology, Chemistry, Geology, other Natural or Environmental Science an opportunity to intern with the San Antonio River Authority Environmental Sciences Department in San Antonio, Texas. Applications close February 28, 2019. 

NRI publishes Development of Multispecies, Long-Term Monitoring Programs for Resource Management

There's growing interest among resource managers to implement long-term wildlife monitoring. The process to develop such a program for your land, as you might guess, can be daunting. So, we set out to build example programs for land managers specific to their objectives—one requiring the most amount of effort, and one requiring the least amount. You decide!

January Conservation Matters hits the stands

In the January issue, we start the year off announcing a new interactive webpage for one of our projects, diving into the story behind multi-species management and celebrating youth education workshops for local students. Subscribe here to stay in the know on all things moving the needle for research-driven conservation.