April Quail Decline Newsletter: Spring Has Sprung

April, 2019

Are you hearing that "poor, Bob-WHITE" whistle yet? While quail gear up for the breeding season, we've stayed busy with several programs and preparations for this year's Texas Quail Index.

Special Announcement: Texas Quail Index Training

Curious about the Texas Quail Index? This statewide data collection program focuses on quail populations and habitat, and we're about to start this year's activities with call counts in mid-April/early May. We're always looking for new cooperators! You'll need access to a property of 1500 acres or more to participate in the official Index, but anyone can learn and conduct the demonstrations on their own.

We'll be hosting a training session--either in-person in Abilene or remotely via webinar, as determined by demand--on April 9th.

If you're interested or would like more information, please send an email to agobeli@tamu.edu no later than April 5!





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