Laying a foundation for feral hog removal

High Plains Journal — Brought over on ships by Spanish explorers as traveling food sources, feral hogs have slowly built up their numbers over the years. Feral hog populations have reportedly been established in 35 states, but sighted in 48. Read more to learn about the complexities of feral hog population management and damage control where the potential for dedicated resources and funding is steadily growing.

See the NRI 2019 Annual Report

Each spring, NRI releases an Annual Report highlighting our core values, our programs and accolades defining the year. Year 2019 was an exceptional year—because of the work of the people behind NRI, we more than doubled our readership across the board, putting the right research in the hands of stewards around the world.

Quail are Calling

The quail are calling, and we've got our fingers crossed for a great breeding season this year. The Texas Quail Index is starting with Spring Call Counts, and now you can participate (or just learn what it's all about) by taking our online vignette. We also highlight an upcoming webinar for landowners with small-acreage properties and wildlife management goals.