At the Texas A&M Natural Resources Institute, our work improves the conservation and management of natural resources through interdisciplinary and applied research. We are committed to solving natural resource issues and engaging policymakers, land managers and citizens throughout the process.

Our capacity to respond to conservation challenges results from our:
  • team of researchers who have broad ranging expertise
  • ability to identify and fill information gaps necessary for scientifically sound and effective natural resource policies
  • dedicated staff working at the intersection of research, management, policy and outreach
  • strong partnerships and collaborations with universities, government agencies, nongovernmental organizations and other stakeholders

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Texas A&M NRI operates as a unit of Texas A&M AgriLife Research, the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service and the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Texas A&M University.

Read our 2017 Annual Report and learn about some of our recent project highlights, our work with TWRI and how our institutes are uniquely equipped to solve modern natural resources challenges.

See the 2016 Annual Report here. 

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