Land Trends

Globe illustration Credit:Freepik

Our Land Trends and Demography Program applies innovative solutions to private land conservation using geospatial tools and landscape planning. The program also provides geospatial and data analytic support to research and extension projects to aid in data-driven decision-making.

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Wildlife Conservation

Standing deer illustration Credit:Freepik

Our Wildlife Conservation and Mitigation Program conducts problem-driven research addressing today’s challenging wildlife and habitat management questions. We promote stewardship of wildlife populations, including game, nongame, endangered and threatened species, and their habitats, through the application and translation of sound science and outreach efforts.

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Military Land Sustainability

Fighter jet illustration Credit:Madebyoliver

Our Military Land Sustainability Program supports the military's mission through integrated land management and collaborative regional planning. These efforts support the twin imperatives of military readiness and land conservation stewardship.

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Private Land Stewardship


Our Private Land Stewardship Program fosters stewardship of private lands and their associated public benefits through engagement and partnerships. Our various programs and vast experience in working closely with private landowners and private landowner groups offer unique engagement opportunities based on science-based, pragmatic solutions to emerging natural resource challenges.

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