New book published covering all aspects of wild pig biology, ecology, damage, management

NRI's Private Land Stewardship and Engagement Associate Director Dr. Jim Cathey co-authored Chapter 15: "Wild Pigs in South-Central North America" providing scientific research and a review of management practices within a geographical context, in the comprehensive volume Invasive Wild Pigs in North America: Ecology, Impacts, and Management addressing all aspects of wild pig biology, ecology, damage, and management.

Open the Reversing the Quail Decline Initiative February Newsletter

February—Disking, shredding, prescribed (Rx) burning—'tis the season for habitat disturbance. Disturbance can open up the landscape and allow for lower successional plant species (like food-producing forbs) to take hold. Doing it now leaves enough time for recovery before nesting season is underway.

If prescribed burning is something you're curious about but the thought of setting fire to your property makes you nervous, never fear—we have some resources to help you get started in this issue.

Report addresses status of working lands in Texas

For more than two decades, land-trends reports have informed private and public landowners and decision-makers. The new Texas Land Trends report "Status Update and Trends of Texas Working Lands 1997-2017," produced by the Texas A&M Natural Resources Institute, has been published to add to those reports.