Reversing the Quail Decline Initiative November Newsletter


November, 2019

Introducing the Texas Quail Atlas!
We are thrilled to announce the publication of this great new resource: an interactive learning tool that tells the story of the Texas quail decline. Read all about it here.

What's new with RQDI?

The new Texas A&M AgriLife Center in Dallas had its grand opening on October 8! The facility is home to a number of programs. focusing on everything from horticulture to water resources to--you guessed it--quail.
We also celebrated the official opening of the Texas quail season on October 26. If you're wondering how your part of the state fared quail-wise this year, check out Parks and Wildlife's Bobwhite Forecast.

"Texas Quail Atlas"

The Quail Atlas combines historical quail population and land use data to create an interactive picture of the quail decline. Curious about impacts in your area? Find your county in one of the dynamic maps.

Start exploring here.


"RFNL: Wildlife"

This latest edition in our "Resources for New Landowners" article series focuses on the value of wildlife. How do you learn what's living on your property and how to protect it? We cover what you need to know here.

Read more here.


Video of the Month

If you looked at the Texas Parks and Wildlife Quail Forecast or are familiar with our Texas Quail Index program, you might be curious about some of these methods we use to measure quail populations. This video describes them in more detail.
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