More worms, more problems in the February Quail Decline newsletter

As quail season draws to a close this month, we highlight some face-to-face outreach efforts for both youth and adults, a new publication, and a video about quail parasites—but probably not the ones you're thinking of!

Our quail ambassador in training, Bonnie (formerly Beauregard) Blue attended a career day at Lakeview Middle School last month. This little scaled hen did a great job promoting wildlife conservation as a career!

We also made an appearance at the Dallas Safari Club convention—one of the largest gatherings for hunters, conservationists, and wildlife enthusiasts in the state. Lots of folks here have a passion for quail.


Video: Cecal Worms

You've heard about eye worms, but what about cecal worms? These parasites infest a quail's "blind guts" and are the focus of current research, as they may be having negative impacts on quail survival.

Learn more in this new video.


Publication: Conservation Easements in Texas

Conservation easements are a way of saving working lands, with almost a million acres protected in Texas. The best part is that they benefit both landowners and wildlife!

You can access it here.


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