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June, 2020

As nesting season begins in earnest, we're encouraged by reports from our TQI cooperators, the Rolling Plains Quail Research Ranch, and Texas landowners that they're hearing and seeing more birds this year. Fingers crossed that this summer is a productive one for our quail!

What's new with RQDI?

With recent events leading to the cancellation of much of our planned in-person programming, RQDI refuses to quit...instead, we're moving to a different format. Look for webinar content incoming soon!
Attn. quail habitat managers: several new PLS vignettes are available. Check out the latest additions on wild pig ecology and management, as well as a crash course on 1-D-1 Wildlife Tax Valuation.

Resources for Students of Quail

Article: "Pillars of Knowledge: R-Selection"

The latest entry in our article series "Pillars of Knowledge in Quail Management" focuses on the key concept to understanding quail populations: they are ruled by high reproduction, but low survival.

Learn more here.


Podcast: "Quail Calls and Classic Rock"

This episode of "Dr. Dale on Quail" celebrates the sounds we all love to hear ("poor, bob-WHITE") as well as the song designated the "national anthem of quail management." Do you know what it is?

Listen here and find out!


Video of the Month

With lots of new quail chicks (hopefully) running around soon, what will they and their parents be eating? This month's video provides some insights.

TWA (virtual) Meeting

Texas Wildlife Association's annual meeting and fundraiser is typically held in July, and while the in-person event has been cancelled, it will still be pushing forward in a virtual format. More details to come.

Thank you all for your continued support! If you want the most up-to-date quail news, check out our social media accounts below.

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