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SERPPAS Protects Military Lands, Defense Communities, and the Coast

The southeastern United States is home to a large military presence and contributes to national security through the important land, sea, and air space needed for realistic training and testing. The military’s influence in the Southeast extends beyond defense; it drives economic growth for many communities, manages considerable natural resources, and owns vast tracts of undeveloped land.

Plan unveiled to protect the future of 1 million acres of salt marsh along U.S. South Atlantic coast

The “Marsh Forward: A Regional Plan for the Future of the South Atlantic Coast’s Million-Acre Salt Marsh Ecosystem” has officially launched! The culmination of two years of work by dedicated partners, the Plan outlines key strategies, objectives and actions to achieve our goal to enhance the long-term abundance, health, and resilience of the approximately 1 million acres of salt marshes within the South Atlantic states to ensure no overall loss of the benefits these wetlands provide to fish, wildlife and people. It will guide our way as we Marsh Forward together and shift our focus from developing the plan to implementing it.