The ESA and the Role of Private Lands with Tiffany McFarland

One of the most important aspects of our work is sharing conservation knowledge and experiences with private landowners, citizen scientists, and policymakers. This exchange with the public is crucial for any kind of conservation success, and we are honored to share our findings through our researchers, experts, and communicators. For the last 15 years, one of NRI’s research associates, Tiffany McFarland, has been involved with the research and management of endangered species. This spring, she had the opportunity to visit with land stewards about the role of private lands and the Endangered Species Act (ESA) at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Ranching & Wildlife Expo, where she shared background information about the ESA and why private land managers are so important to ensuring the longevity of rare species.

SERPPAS Protects Military Lands, Defense Communities, and the Coast

The southeastern United States is home to a large military presence and contributes to national security through the important land, sea, and air space needed for realistic training and testing. The military’s influence in the Southeast extends beyond defense; it drives economic growth for many communities, manages considerable natural resources, and owns vast tracts of undeveloped land.