African Swine Fever Negatively Impacts Global Pork Production

Diseases affecting wild and domestic swine (Sus scrofa) play a significant role in the success of the global pork industry. Supply chains have faced substantial challenges in recent years due to African swine fever (ASF), a highly contagious viral disease that affects both domestic and wild pigs. This virus is transmitted by direct contact with infected animals or indirect contact with contaminated objects. Symptoms in swine are characterized by high fevers, hemorrhages, and high mortality rates, reaching up to 100% in some cases. Fortunately, humans cannot contract ASF and no cases have been confirmed in the United States through the rigorous monitoring and surveillance protocols enacted by the United States Department of Agriculture Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (USDA-APHIS). However, the disease has still taken a substantial toll on global pork production and trade.

Podcast Ep. #5: Life Skills and Wild Pig Management with Jay Long

Managing species of all kinds from endangered to invasive, we were honored to have NRI’s Jay Long for Episode #5 of The Land Steward Podcast, “Life Skills and Wild Pig Management”. In true spirit, this episode is full of relatable challenges and prescriptive solutions that you can use today—what a great time to be a land steward.