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Map of the month: wildlife management land use acres

While ag tax evaluations traditionally involve practices such as haying, cropping, grazing and livestock, the state added a wildlife management use component in 1995. This non-traditional approach to preserving open space lands and their values has gained momentum in the past two decades, as the total number of acres enrolled has risen from 93K in 1997 to 3.2M in 2012. So how do you qualify and what is the process to switch from a traditional ag use property to wildlife management use? 

NRI team uses innovative air quality technology to help landowners

Accurately detecting possible emissions from gas wells or other sources and then analyzing the resulting effects on ambient air quality can be complicated tasks. A team of Texas A&M Natural Resources Institute (NRI) researchers is helping landowners across the state tackle such concerns on their properties by providing objective data and analysis of air pollutants.