New private land stewardship virtual lessons teach all ages about wildlife

These private land stewardship lessons are meant for everyone from the classroom to the field. They're interactive and meet the learner where they want to explore the information.

In the last few months, we've seen our communities band together to recreate education so that it can be available in new ways. These lessons came about as a charge to take existing materials from previous presentations, from flash drives, or publications collecting dust on shelves, and shake them up so that anyone on the other side of a screen anywhere in the world could access them. 

Since January, we've released nine new and perpetual lessons pertaining to wildlife, habitat management, private land stewardship and threatened and endangered species. 

You can find and share these lessons anytime on our Learning tab. Click, open, explore, jump around in the content and soak up the information. You can quiz your knowledge gained at the end; a great component for classrooms and youth learning environments especially. 

During this time, we've found new ways to share the information that matters to landowners and outdoor enthusiasts and we're not looking to stop brainstorming and creating anytime soon.

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