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October, 2018

We hope you've been the beneficiary of some rain this past month! In addition to celebrating the cooler, wetter weather, we have several new QuailMasters to congratulate, a new article, and more webisodes on the horizon.

What's new with RQDI?

A big congratulations to our now graduated QuailMasters class of 2018! We finished up the course and had a small ceremony last month in Hebbronville, Texas. This is the start of what will hopefully be a lifelong quail education for these folks.

Blue Update

Blue has more scaly breast feathers, some beautiful flank plumage, a tall crest, and the "Pe-cos" assembly call. Are those brown streaks on his/her chin?? This is still a mix of juvenile and adult plumage, but not for much longer--soon we'll know, Bonnie or Beau!

"Climate Change and Texas Quail"

In a changing world, what impacts might we see in the future, how could they affect quail populations, and how do they stack up against the challenges quail already face? Read the article here.

Sneak Preview: New Webisodes!

This week, we're filming footage for a total of 6 new webisodes on topics you have been asking about. Are you wondering how fire ants affect quail, or how to get quail back in an area where they have disappeared? Answers coming soon! Keep an eye on YouTube!

Thank you all for your continued support!


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