KXVA interviews NRI's hog population expert Josh Helcel

New traps to combat hog population in Texas

New cellular traps to control the local feral hog problem.

Millions of wild pigs are in Texas, occupying nearly every single county in the state. Feral hog control involves aerial gunning, animal activated and now human activated trapping systems.

"About 80 percent of Texas is a suitable habitat wild pigs. They negatively impact water agricultural production, livestock," says Texas A&M natural resource extension associate, Josh Helcel.

"This particular camera takes a picture of whatever comes in the trap or around the trap, and then I have an app on my phone that coincides with that," says Taylor County wildlife damage control technician, Matt McCloy.

The trap has a camera on one side. Just a phone call initiates the trap to close when necessary, while having the ability to monitor the trap away from home.

Taylor County and the Texas A&M agrilife extention received a grant to obtain two traps for the Taylor County region, in hopes to get funding for more in the future.

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