Authors: Shelby D. McCay, Roel R. Lopez, April C. Sansom, Christina M. Farrell, Jared M. Holmes, Angelica Lopez, James C. Cathey

Field-based learning is a key element in wildlife management curriculum as it is a valuable teaching tool for natural resource topics. There are multiple constraints that restrict use of field-based learning techniques in wildlife programs that have been complicated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Many academic programs were forced to rapidly transition to online instruction, but despite these difficulties, there was a need to provide interactive, in the field learning opportunities for students. This necessity resulted in the development of a live streaming system to provide an interactive learning experience (Leopold Live!). In this case study, we describe the technology used in Leopold Live! to augment an online, wildlife habitat management course at Texas A&M University, and the associated challenges and adjustments needed to improve delivery in the future. We conclude that Leopold Live! serves as a potential method to meet the challenge of providing interactive, field-based learning in a distance education setting.

Suggested Citation

McCay, S. D., R. R. Lopez, A. C. Sansom, C. M. Farrell, J. M. Holmes, A. Lopez, and J. C. Cathey. 2022. Use of live streaming systems in fieldā€based learning. Wildlife Society Bulletin e1381,