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July, 2020

Summer is here, and there's plenty for quail enthusiasts to do! Texas Wildlife Association's annual convention normally takes place in San Antonio this month but has moved to an online format this year. There's also a new map resource we want to share, a vignette on wildlife tax valuation, and an upcoming virtual camp experience that young Students of Quail won't want to miss.

What's new with RQDI?

The Texas Wildlife Association's annual convention has moved ONLINE! Tune in July 6-11 to enjoy a series of talks from experts on wildlife topics, as well as an online auction. If you've ever wanted to attend the meeting but have been unable to travel, this is a great opportunity to see what it's about.
Summer demonstrations are underway for the Texas Quail Index, including dummy nests, habitat evaluations, and monitoring quail predators using game cameras. If you'd like to learn how to do any of these exercises alongside our TQI cooperators, check out the Texas Quail Index PLS vignette.

Resources for Students of Quail

"Article: Working Lands & the AgriLife Network"

This new article from the Texas Land Trends team at NRI shows off an amazing map and a great resource. See how working lands are distributed across Texas and where AgriLife Centers are located to assist those landowners.

Take a look here.


"PLS Vignette: Wildlife Tax Valuation"

Wildlife tax valuation can help you save on property taxes by practicing wildlife habitat management, but it's an option many landowners just don't know about. If you would like to be a steward of wildlife habitat, you can learn more in this PLS deck.

Find the deck here.


Video of the Month

Roadrunners seem to eat just about everything, so you may have wondered if quail chicks are on the menu as well. This video addresses this (hotly debated) subject.

Upcoming Event: Wild Kids Camp

This day camp for 2nd-5th graders will allow kids to join virtually to learn about bugs, fish, and yes--quail! They may even get to meet a couple of quail celebrities. Camp takes place July 13-16

Upcoming Event: TWA Annual (Online) Meeting

As mentioned above, the TWA (online) convention is almost here! If you would like to support our quail team, check out presentations by members Amanda Gobeli (topic: PLS Lessons) and Shelby McCay (topic: pen-raised quail). July 6-11.


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