Authors: A. Lopez, D. Barrientos, R. Lopez, K.L. Skow, M. Crawford, J. Dreibelbis, K.B. Hays, B.N. Wegner

Owners of private working lands in Texas are among the most productive stewards of farms, ranches, and forests in the country. Their land management decisions influence wildlife habitat, create many year-round opportunities, and support economy-driving industries. The Texas A&M Natural Resources Institute’s Texas Landowner survey was developed to better understand rural landowners, their land management objectives, challenges, concerns, and preferences to ultimately support programming that benefits landowners and Texas communities. This report provides an overview of general survey responses to aid conservation organizations, natural resource agencies and policymakers in conserving working lands across Texas through better landowner engagement. The report also draws from USDA-NASS data to allow for comparison and validation of survey responses and to provide an overview of Texas' owners of rural, private working lands. Understanding who we serve is vital to developing meaningful programs.

Report contact: Angelica Lopez




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Lopez, A., D. Barrientos, R. Lopez, K. L. Skow, M. Crawford, J. Dreibelbis, K. B. Hays, and B. N. Wegner. 2023. Texas Landowner Survey. Texas A&M Natural Resources Institute.