Authors: Alison Lund, Drew Finn, Texas A&M Natural Resources Institute

The military mission, while imperative to national defense, is under mounting pressure from various encroachment and incompatible land use threats. These threats include any outside activity, law, or pressure that affects the ability of military forces to train to doctrinal standards or to perform the mission assigned to the installation. In an effort to reduce conflict spurring from external factors, the Texas A&M Natural Resources Institute, in partnership with the Texas Military Preparedness Commission, and with a grant from the Department of Defense Office of Local Defense Community Cooperation (formerly the Office of Economic Adjustment), has developed several reports and web tools that assist installation personnel and community stakeholders. As part of that effort, this guidebook serves to assist installation natural resource managers in forecasting potential new threatened and endangered species listings for species that may occur on military installations in Texas. The included species profiles provide the necessary background for managers to proactively plan for the monitoring and management of T&E species in light of funding constraints and critical mission planning.