Authors: Angelica Lopez, Roel Lopez, Kevin Skow, Matthew Crawford

Texas is comprised of 141 million acres of private farms, ranches, and forestlands, leading the nation in land area devoted to privately-owned working lands. We define working lands as privately-owned farms, ranches, or forest lands, which provide food and fiber, support rural economies, and provide recreational opportunities, among other products and services. These privately-owned acres are stewarded by nearly 250,000 landowners, each with their own objectives in managing their property. West Texas has remained primarily rural and less impacted by urban development as other regions across the state. The Brewster, Jeff Davis, and Presidio County region is experiencing land-use changes due to more recent urban development pressure largely driven by energy development activity. In response, several organizations, agencies and industry are working collaboratively to promote a balance between a strong state economy and a rural, wild landscape that characterizes the far western region of the state. The purpose of this report is to compile information that can serve to better inform key partners and organizations working to conserve and shape the future of West Texas.

This report was developed in partnership with the Texas Agricultural Land Trust and the Borderlands Research Institute, and was funded by the Cynthia & George Mitchell Foundation. 

Suggested Citation

Lopez, A., R. Lopez, K. Skow, and M. Crawford. 2019. West Texas Landowner Report: Energy and Growth Trends. Texas A&M Natural Resources Institute, College Station, TX, USA.