Authors: S. L. Locke, J. C. Cathey, B. A. Collier, J. B. Hardin

Obtaining accurate and reliable estimates of abundance, however, can be difficult for species that are highly mobile, wide ranging, and secretive (Lewis 1967, Bull 1981, Williams and Austin 1988). This is especially true of wild turkeys. Methods for accurately determining wild turkey abundance have long been desired (Cook 1973, DeYoung and Priebe 1987, Dickson 1992). Although several different methods have been examined the majority have had limited success (Weinstein et al. 1995, Cobb et al. 2001) because of low  observability and the difficulty in obtaining an adequate sample size (Healy and Powell 1999). For the purpose of managing RGWTs at the ranch level though, a few methods may be satisfactory and generate estimates upon which management decisions can be soundly based.