Charles Randklev

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As a research scientist for the Texas A&M Natural Resources Institute sin, Dr. Charles Randklev works on issues related to freshwater mussel conservation. His research expertise is unionid ecology with research interests in habitat requirements and biogeography for rare and common mussel species. Charles is also interested in how habitat alteration impacts mussel community composition and how these changes influence ecosystem services provided by unionids.

He joined NRI in 2011.

He has a bachelor’s in biology from the University of Texas at Arlington and a doctorate from the University of North Texas.

Authored Articles

Map of the Month: Freshwater Mussels: Key Indicators of Ecosystem Health

Freshwater mussels play an important role in the health of freshwater ecosystems by providing food and habitat for other aquatic species, stabilizing stream bottoms, and filtering the water in our lakes and rivers. The Rio Grande basin is home to three mussel species suffering from habitat loss and growing human populations in this area may be threatening the water systems necessary for their survival.