Private Land Stewardship Academies: Threatened and Endangered Species

We're building a community of practice around land stewardship for outdoor enthusiasts and private landowners alike with interactive publications developed from materials created during face-to-face training and presentations. These private land stewardship publications are meant for everyone from the classroom to the field. They meet the learner where and how they want to explore the information.

Since the launch of these interactive publications, we've seen our communities band together to recreate education so that it can be available in new ways. These virtual publications came about as a charge to take existing materials from previous presentations, from flash drives, or publications collecting dust on shelves, and shake them up so that anyone on the other side of a screen anywhere in the world could access them. 

You can find and share these anytime. Click, open, explore, shuffle through the content and save up the information. You can quiz your knowledge gained at the end; a great component for classrooms and youth learning environments especially. Check out our first Collection focused on natural resource management!

We're excited to share the second of four collections with you—on deck: Threatened and Endangered Species.



All about Texas Mussels

Stretching from east Texas to the Rio Grande River, freshwater mussels can be found in watering holes, streams, rivers and lakes throughout the state. Despite their lackluster appearance, these fascinating animals play a vital role in freshwater ecosystems. The private land stewardship vignette Learn about Texas Mussels breaks down what a mussel is, their cultural importance, their critical ecological roles and about their habitats. You'll be surprised at what you might learn in this deck. 


Measuring Hurricane Irma’s Impact on Coastal Forests

Using ecological expertise and remote sensing technology, NRI is working to assess the severity of disturbance to coastal forests and track the recovery of this natural vegetation which provides habitat for many species. This private land stewardship deck takes a look at how Hurricane Irma impacted endangered species habitats in the National Key Deer Refuge, a protected area in the Florida Keys.


What Landowners Need to Know: the Endangered Species Act in Texas

The Endangered Species Act of 1973 (ESA) is a critical piece of legislation related to the conservation of threatened and endangered species and their ecosystems. This lesson provides historical context, a step-by-step look at the listing process, details on how this legislation impacts private landowners, and resources and opportunities for Texans.

This interactive publication was created by the Texas A&M Natural Resources Institute in collaboration with the Texas Wildlife Association. Each photo throughout the publication features a species that is threatened, endangered, or in decline in the state of Texas.



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