Authors: R. G. Howells, C. R. Randklev, N. B. Ford

Among the pigtoes, three Fusconaia and one Pleurobema have generally been considered to occur in Texas. Texas Pigtoe (F. askewi), Wabash Pigtoe (F. flava), and Louisiana Pigtoe (P. riddellii) have been historically reported from the San Jacinto drainage to the Red River system (Howells et al. 1996; Howells 2010a, b, c) and Triangle Pigtoe (F. lananensis) restricted to the Angelina River-Attoyac Bayou and Village Creek waters of the Neches-Angelina drainage (Howells et al. 1996; Howells 2010a, d). The fusconaid, F. chunii, has been treated by nearly all recent authorities as a synonym of the Wabash Pigtoe, but without genetic confirmation.

Suggested Citation

Howells, R.G., C.R. Randklev, N.B. Ford. 2012. Taxonomic Status of Pigtoe Unionids in Texas. Ellipsaria 14:11-15.