Authors: B. Sowards, E.T. Tsakiris, M. Libson, and C.R. Randklev

Similar to other rare and endemic freshwater mussel species in Texas, the distribution and life history of the False Spike, Quadrula mitchelli, is poorly understood. Few recent locality records suggest that Q. mitchelli has been extirpated from much of its range and is declining in numbers at an alarming rate, which has led to it being petitioned for listing under the Endangered Species Act. We present our findings of the discovery of one live individual collected on the San Saba River, TX and provide information regarding the species’ habitat use. The discovery represents the second known population in Texas and the only record of a live individual from the San Saba River. Knowledge of habitat use may help identify populations in other streams and allow managers to develop recovery plans for Q. mitchelli. However, given the rarity of this species, Q. mitchelli potentially faces extinction unless prompt conservation action is taken by state and federal agencies.

Suggested Citation

Sowards, B., E.T. Tsakiris, M. Libson, and C.R. Randklev. 2013. Recent collection of a false spike (Quadrula mitchelli) in the San Saba River, Texas, with comments on habitat use. Walkerana 16:63-67.