Authors: C.R. Randklev, M .S. Johnson, E .T. Tsakiris, S. Rogers-Oetker, K. J. Roe, S. McMurray, C. Robertson, J. Groce, N. Wilkins.

During a recent survey a small population of Quadrula mitchelli (Simpson, 1895), a species thought to have been extinct, was discovered in Texas. In total, 7 live individuals were collected from the Guadalupe River near Gonzales, Gonzales County, Texas. Our finding represents the only known population for this species in Texas and the fi rst record of live specimens in over 30 y, which is signifi cant because this species is currently under review for protection under the Endangered Species Act.

Suggested Citation

Randklev, C.R., M.S. Johnson, E.T. Tsakiris, S. Rogers-Oetker, K.J. Roe, S. McMurray, C. Robertson, J. Groce, and N. Wilkins. 2012. False Spike, Quadrula mitchelli (Bivalvia: Unionidae) is not extinct: first account of a live population in over 30 years. American Malacological Bulletin 30: 327-328.