Authors: J. Bradbury, I. Ray, T. R. Peterson, S. Wade, G. Wong-Parodi, A. M. Feldpausch

Three of the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnerships analyzed community perspectives on carbon capture and storage (CCS) through focus groups and interviews in five communities. These perspectives were analyzed in the context of each community’s history and its social and economic characteristics. The results were considered for their insights into specific concerns within each region, as well as to assess inter-region commonalities. In all cases, factors such as past experience with government, existing low socioeconomic status, desire for compensation, and/or perceived benefit to the community were of greater concern than the concern about the risks of the technology itself. This paper discusses the findings from the joint review of the focus groups and the potential lessons for application to CCS deployment.

Suggested Citation

Bradbury, J., I. Ray, T. R. Peterson, S. Wade, G. Wong-Parodi, and A. M. Feldpausch. 2009. The role of social factors in shaping public perceptions of CCS: results of multi-state focus group interviews. Energy Procedia 1: 4665-4672.