Wade Ryberg

Research Scientist

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Dr. Wade Ryberg joined the Texas A&M Natural Resources Institute in 2014 as a research scientist. His research program focuses on diagnosing, understanding and resolving complex problems in conservation biology and natural resource management

Many of these problems arise through mismatches in the scale of conservation or management and the spatial and temporal scale of ecological processes. Wade uses landscape, molecular, statistical and theoretical approaches to help realign these scales and develop successful conservation solutions and management policies.

Wade received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in wildlife and fisheries sciences from Texas A&M University. He earned his doctorate from Washington University in St. Louis in evolution, ecology and population biology.




Authored Articles

Sorting Out Bobwhite Population Genetics

Wild quail face a long and varied list of challenges to their daily and long-term survival. While some perils are easily identified—a predator raiding a nest, a lack of vegetative cover for nesting, or a sweltering summer day—others, like diseases and parasites, are more subtle. Still others are even less tangible than that; to observe them, you have to dive into the gene pool. Genetic diversity is a topic not often addressed when discussing ways to help quail, but given its role in determining the fate of populations, perhaps it should garner more consideration.