Frank Cartaya

Research Assistant (979) 845-1851

Frank Cartaya joined Texas A&M Natural Resources Institute in 2009 as a field technician.  His main research focus is field observations on endangered species on U.S. military installations with an emphasis on endangered migratory song birds and endangered birds of prey. In 10 years, Frank has done field work in multiple military bases including Redstone Arsenal, Fort Hood, Camp Bullis Fort Sam Houston, White Sands Missile Range and Cannon Airforce Base. 

He has received a Bachelor of Science in zoology at Auburn University and received a graduate certificate in military sustainability at Texas A&M University. Frank enjoys visiting southwestern state and national parks and as a passion for wildlife photography.

Authored Articles

Acoustic Monitoring: Redefining innovation on the prairie

If a prairie chicken clucks in the prairie and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? Thanks to the innovative survey techniques deployed by the NRI research team of Dr. Brian Pierce, Frank Cartaya and Sarah Turner, we finally have our answer. Travel to eastern New Mexico with us in this week's blog as we track the team's progress while they conduct surveys using acoustic technology, which is 50 times more efficient than traditional methods for detecting the occurrence of the formerly ESA-listed Lesser Prairie Chicken (Tympanuchus pallidicintus) on Melrose Air Force Range. This is what raising the bar for the standards of proactive wildlife management looks like.