Forrest Cobb

Project Coordinator (210) 277-0292 x107

As a project coordinator at the Texas A&M Natural Resources Institute, Forrest manages and supports projects that conduct natural resources conservation and management on privately and federally managed lands in Texas.

Forrest enjoys working to facilitate natural resources conservation and impact mitigation for a wide variety of stakeholders. He has worked collaboratively with landowners, private industry and academia as well as state, federal, and municipal governments to accomplish institute goals.

He has also conducted research in a diverse set of topics from drought tolerances of Central Texas ornamental plant species, invasive grass species distributions in South Texas, and monitoring of endangered plant species on federal lands.

Forrest joined the institute as a student worker before earning his bachelor’s degree from Texas A&M-San Antonio in 2015. He is currently pursuing a Masters of Natural Resources Development from Texas A&M University where his research focuses on impacts to semi-arid grasslands from oil and gas development.