Brian Pierce

Associate Director (979) 458-0500 Curriculum Vitae

As an associate director for the Texas A&M Natural Resources Institute, Dr. Brian Pierce provides leadership on the development of collaborative research programs between Texas A&M AgriLife Research, The Texas A&M University system, governmental agencies (state, federal, and international) and non-governmental research partners.

Brian conducts research on wildlife-habitat relationships, spatial and multivariate analyses, ballistics, and provides support to institute personnel on research methodology, statistical design, and statistical analyses.

Prior to becoming a wildlife biologist, Brian worked as an analytical chemist developing synthetic polymer and tagged monoclonal antibody-based contrast agents for MRI and CT imaging at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio Research Imaging Center, and as an environmental monitoring supervisor at the JACADS chemical demilitarization site for the Southwest Research Institute.

Brian received his doctorate in wildlife management from Texas A&M University. He received his Master of Science in wildlife biology from Southwest Texas State University and his Bachelor of Science in biology from the University of Texas at San Antonio.



Authored Articles

Acoustic Monitoring: Redefining innovation on the prairie

If a prairie chicken clucks in the prairie and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? Thanks to the innovative survey techniques deployed by the NRI research team of Dr. Brian Pierce, Frank Cartaya and Sarah Turner, we finally have our answer. Travel to eastern New Mexico with us in this week's blog as we track the team's progress while they conduct surveys using acoustic technology, which is 50 times more efficient than traditional methods for detecting the occurrence of the formerly ESA-listed Lesser Prairie Chicken (Tympanuchus pallidicintus) on Melrose Air Force Range. This is what raising the bar for the standards of proactive wildlife management looks like.