Amanda Gobeli

Project Coordinator (325) 653-4576

Amanda Gobeli is a Project Coordinator at the Texas A&M Natural Resources Institute. She is currently working on a variety of projects, but she was instrumental to the Reversing the Quail Decline Initiative (RQDI), a conservation program which sought to address the decades-long decline of quail populations in Texas through research, education and outreach.

As part of her work on the RQDI, Amanda delivers direct and remote programming related to quail conservation and management, develops and promotes educational articles, and other information resources, and represents the program at conferences and events along with her outreach partner, a male bobwhite quail named Kirby and female scaled quail named Bonnie Blue.

Amanda began her quail education at the University of North Texas while pursuing a master’s degree in environmental science, which she attained in 2016. She also holds a bachelor’s degree in environmental science from Winthrop University in South Carolina and is similarly interested in issues of water quality, invasive species and general wildlife conservation.

Amanda grew up in Colorado, where she developed a love for wildlife. She is most passionate about birds and enjoys birding in her free time, as well as hiking, camping and jogging.