Statewide Quail Symposium

The Statewide Quail Symposium brings together experts in the fields of quail management, research and conservation in the state of Texas. Topics include frequently asked questions and hotly debated issues such as invasive plants and quail, the self-regulating nature of quail hunting, and translocation of wild birds. Enjoy a series of engaging presentations from speakers with a wide range of backgrounds, including current land managers, research scientists and state agency professionals. Participate in a field day to see quail management strategies in action and learn techniques for evaluating quail habitat. Hear updates on the latest quail research, outreach efforts, and more!

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The Changing Face of Engagement: Reaching the 21st Century Forest & Rangeland Client

The 21st century is proving to be challenging for outreach and extension likely due to the rapid expansion of the internet, social networking, and a consumer-driven information market where instant access to trustworthy, reliable information is the expected norm. Over the years, most of us have improved our abilities to serve various clients, however, most professionals still lack an extensive understanding of how people learn in today’s environment, as well as how to apply tactics to improve their ability to translate usable science. This unique, interactive workshop is for those who work with landowners, stewards and producers on forest and rangelands. It is designed to help participants build skills and expertise in reaching multi-generations on the land, through understanding how people hear and process information, as well as different learning styles between generations.

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