Leopold Live! Chapter 2: Wildlife Valuation 101 Recap

Leopold Live is back! We have officially premiered our first episode of Leopold Live!: Chapter 2 with our incredible partners at Selah, Bamberger Ranch Preserve, and we truly enjoyed connecting with you again as we embarked on this next part of this series.

Our regular series hosts, Dr. Roel Lopez (TAMU NRI) and April Sansom (Bamberger Ranch), opened the episode by introducing this new chapter of Leopold Live! and explaining how these upcoming episodes will be a little different than what we covered Chapter 1. All future episodes are going to dig deeper into the specific, on-the-ground actions you can take as a landowner to effectively manage a variety of wildlife species on your property. If Chapter 1 was all about the “why,” then Chapter 2 will focus on the “how.”

Joining us for this first episode was an incredibly special guest, Mr. David K. Langford—one of the original champions of the wildlife valuation program here in Texas and a true hero of conservation. Mr. Langford gave a detailed history of the program, the inspiration for it, all those involved with its creation and how it has evolved over the past 30 years. He also spoke about his optimism for the future of the program with the next generation of biologists working to improve it and make it more accessible landowners looking to fulfill their “Texas dream.” Lastly, he highlighted how much success the program has had for wildlife and private land conservation here in the state.

We then hopped over to Bamberger’s Zoologist Jarred Holmes, who gave us a crash course on the differences between the 1-d and 1-d-1 valuation programs. Jarred explained how landowners can qualify for 1-d-1 by implementing at least 3 of the 7 qualifying wildlife management practices cited in the Texas Tax Code.

This episode covered a lot of information, so we wanted to round it out by giving our viewers a chance to weigh in with a Q&A session between Mr. Langford and April. During this session they answered some of your questions about how the program works, its successes and areas for improvement, and its future—not only here in Texas, but possibly around the country.

Leopold Live!: Chapter 2 is off to a great start so far, and our crew can’t wait to delve deeper with you into these topics of wildlife management and land stewardship. Keep an eye on Facebook for new episodes to premiere every month.


Current Episode Schedule

Wildlife Valuation 101 - May 25th at 10:00am

Supplemental Shelter: Blue Bird Boxes  - June 29th at 10:00am

Habitat Control: Brush Clearing and Brush Piles - July 20th at 10:00am

Supplemental Food Stations - August 24th at 10:00am

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