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September 2020

We are excited to premier what we hope will be the quintessential reference for the Reversing the Quail Decline Initiative, as well as a go-to source of information for all Students of Quail: The RQDI Sourcebook.

The release of the Sourcebook is bittersweet though, as it marks the end of the RQDI grant and means that the program is drawing to a close. At the end of this year, this newsletter will no longer be produced, the TQI will no longer be a statewide effort, and the RQDI Facebook will not be actively maintained. Existing resources will remain accessible, however: that means all the articles, videos, lessons, AND archived newsletters and Facebook posts will still be available to you. This also doesn't mean you'll never see any quail resources or programs from us ever again; quail are still a major influence in Texas wildlife conservation and land management, and therefore an important topic for Texas A&M NRI. We encourage you to follow NRI's Facebook Page and Conservation Matters Newsletter for up-to-date info on Texas quail in the future.

To all our quail enthusiasts, our Texas Quail Index cooperators, our habitat managers, and other supporters, we offer our resounding thanks. We hope our work has been helpful to you in supporting your passion for Texas quail, and that you continue to share your passion and knowledge with others.

Again, these changes will take effect at the end of the year--so stick with us for a few more newsletter editions until then!

What's new with RQDI?

All throughout August, the Rolling Plains Bobwhite Brigade Facebook page featured a series of posts to bring the camp experience online. Check out the one we did for "Getting to Know Your Quail," plus others on radio telemetry, plant ID, brain teasers, and more!
Summer demonstrations for the Texas Quail Index have officially come to a close, with cooperators now getting ready to tackle roadside counts in September. We got some great footage from game cameras this year; more shots like the one above will appear on Facebook.

Resources for Students of Quail

"RQDI Sourcebook"

It's finally here--the Reversing the Quail Decline Initiative Sourcebook celebrates 6 years of RQDI with overviews of major programs, research, and resources, all in one book. It's free to access in PDF format at the link below!

Access the sourcebook here.


"Bluestem Grasses in Texas"

This just-published field ID guide will help you learn about one of the most important nesting substrates for bobwhite quail in Texas. Grasses can be tricky to identify, but this guide will walk you through it.

Become a bluestem expert!


Video of the Month

Brush piles are one option for providing cover to quail in areas without woody vegetation, but they're not without drawbacks.

Leopold Live Virtual Seminar Series

Texas A&M Natural Resources Institute is hosting a series of virtual programs focused on Aldo Leopold's 5 tools of game management: axe, plow, cow, fire, and gun. First up is axe--tune in at 10 AM on September 23!

Thank you all for your continued support! If you want the most up-to-date quail news, check out our social media accounts below.

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