Quail Decline Initiative: A Fond Farewell


December, 2020

This month, the Reversing the Quail Decline Initiative draws to a close. We wrap things up by celebrating Mr. Kirby Quail's 6th birthday, highlighting some new resources and a license plate you'll want to take a look at, and putting the spotlight on two more quail organizations you may want to follow. Thank you for sticking with us, and for your passion for Texas quail!

What's new with RQDI?

Happy birthday Kirby! Our (retired) outreach and education partner turned 6 at the end of November! That makes him pretty old by quail standards, but he's showing no signs of slowing down and is very much enjoying his retirement. 
This newsletter marks the last one for the Reversing the Quail Decline Initiative--it has been an absolute pleasure to share quail news with you over the years! If you still want a monthly dose of quail information, consider subscribing to eQuail here.
"Quail Advocates"
For our final look at other quail organizations, we'd like to highlight a couple of nonprofits which advocate for and support quail outreach, education, research, and habitat management. First is Park Cities Quail, the largest chapter of Quail Coalition, which raises funds for quail research and education in Texas with the goal of continuing our state's quail hunting heritage. You can find their website here, or follow them on Facebook here.

Also take note of Quail Forever, a division of Pheasants Forever, which has earned the nickname "The Habitat Organization" for its extensive work in quail habitat restoration as well as public awareness and education. You can visit their website here and find their Facebook page here.

Resources for Students of Quail

"Reminder: Quail Plate"

Our friends at Texas Parks and Wildlife would like us to remind you that a quail-themed license plate is now available for purchase! In addition to being a great way to share your love of quail, $22 of the $30 you spend on it goes directly to help fund Texas conservation efforts.

You can order the plate here.


"The Value of Working Lands"

What are working lands worth? Most of us would say that we know these spaces have great ecological and recreational value, but it can be tough to put numbers on it. This report does exactly that.

Read the full report here.


"Dr. Dale on Quail: A Reason to Give Thanks"

The latest episode of Dr. Dale on Quail gives us one more thing to be thankful for--a promising way to potentially restore quail populations. He's joined in this episode by quail researcher Becky Ruzicka to discuss her work on translocation.

Listen to the episode here.


Video of the Month

How does quail hunting translate into money for rural economies?

Upcoming Events

Dallas Safari Club

The Dallas Safari Club's annual convention is an opportunity for hunters of all varieties to celebrate and reflect. The meeting has been pushed back to February this year due to covid--take note if you're planning on attending!

Texas Chapter going Virtual this February

The Texas Chapter of the Wildlife Society annual meeting will be held entirely online for the very first time next year. We're looking forward to the celebrations and learning opportunities that define this event, albeit in a different format. If you're curious about the Wildlife Society, this might be the perfect opportunity to see what it's all about! Keep an eye on their site for more details.

Thank you all for your support over the years! Note that our Facebook will soon cease to be updated, but you can still head there to check out our past posts.

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