The NRI Ecological Resilience Team conducts Species Status Assessments for species of conservation concern, including species like the red-cockaded woodpecker, the diamondback rattlesnake, lake sturgeon, Key deer, wood turtle and the gopher tortoise. The team works directly with multiple state and federal agencies, and private entities, in compiling the best available science that will serve as the basis of Endangered Species Act (ESA) decisions from listing, delisting and downlisting.

To accomplish the institute’s goals, the team works to develop and promote conservation strategies and delivery systems to support species of concern through innovative ESA-based solutions, by identifying and promoting revitalized and reshaped collaborative relationships between key partners, particularly state and federal wildlife agencies.



Michael Marshall

Mike Marshall is a program manager for the Texas A&M Natural Resources Institute. Mike is currently on assignment with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in Dallas, Texas focused on conducting Species Status Assessments f…

Tiffany McFarland

Tiffany McFarland is a research associate at the Texas A&M Natural Resources Institute. She supports research projects pertaining to the study and conservation of threatened and endangered species, as well as those propos…

Kathryn Smith-Hicks

Dr. Kathryn Smith-Hicks serves as a project manager with Texas A&M Natural Resources Institute. She supports Department of Defense (DoD) installations through natural resource management, documentation, and monitoring. 

Stephanie Brewer

Stephanie Brewer is a research associate for Texas A&M Natural Resources Institute. She currently supports the conservation of nationwide declining, threatened and endangered species by working with the U.S. Fish and Wild…

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      The Summer Sourcebook is here

      Directly from the field, the Summer 2023 NRI Sourcebook is here. Each season, we publish a digital collection of recently published peer-reviewed scientific publications, research reports, and resources developed to support the improvement of conservation, natural resource management, and private land stewardship. This collection is for you, your partners and community to use and share where we can collaborate to create resiliency.

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