Garrett Powers

Research Assistant

Garrett joined the Texas A&M Natural Resources Institute as a student technician in 2012, while working to earn his Bachelor of Science in Spatial Sciences that he later received in 2013.  Following his undergraduate degree, Garrett served four years in the U.S. Army as a commissioned officer. He returned to the institute in 2018 as a graduate research assistant, while pursuing a Master of Science degree in Wildlife and Fisheries Science with a focus on Remote Sensing technology. In his current role, Garrett provides geospatial support within the geospatial analysis team for NRI and the Texas Water Resources Institute. His studies are focused on the application of remote sensing technologies to solve challenges in natural resource conservation.

Garrett is from Houston, TX and during his free time can be found traveling around the state looking for good food and outdoor recreation.

Authored Articles

Map of the Month: Night Lights of Texas

Through our Texas Land Trends project, we have been tracking and telling the story of rural land use changes and trends across the state for the past few decades. Using remotely sensed data, we can better illustrate these changes; especially those related to urban and energy industry growth.

A Story Map: Measuring Hurricane Irma's Impact on Coastal Forests

Using ecological expertise and remote sensing technology, we are working to assess the severity of disturbance to coastal forests caused by Hurricane Irma and track the recovery of natural vegetation providing habitat for endangered species in the Keys.