Stephanie DeMay

Associate Research Scientist Curriculum Vitae

As an associate research scientist for the Texas A&M Natural Resources Institute, Stephanie works closely with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and other state, federal, and private partners to write Species Status Assessments for species of conservation concern. The resulting reports then serve as the scientific basis for policy decisions under the Endangered Species Act (e.g., listing/delisting decisions, recovery planning, etc.).

Prior to joining NRI in 2017, Stephanie was a postdoctoral scientist at Virginia Tech, where she led the statistical analysis for the red-cockaded woodpecker Species Status Assessment. In 2015, Stephanie earned a doctorate in Environmental Science with a graduate certificate in Statistical Sciences from the University of Idaho where her research centered on using genetic tools to monitor the reintroduction of the endangered Columbia Basin pygmy rabbit in Washington state. She received a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science from the University of Idaho in 2011.  

Authored Articles

Red-cockaded Woodpecker nesting season meets climate change

Early in their ecology classes, students learn that plants and animals facing a changing climate have three options: adapt, move or die. Learn more about Stephanie DeMay’s, NRI associate research scientist, analysis of the Red-cockaded Woodpecker.