E. Rebecca Patton

Program Manager

elsa.patton@ag.tamu.edu (703) 517-0380

As a program manager with the Texas A&M Natural Resources Institute, Rebecca Patton provides policy support on climate change adaptation and water resource management to the U.S. Department of Defense in Washington, DC. Rebecca’s focus is on the development of broad reaching policies to enable the Defense Department to continue executing its mission of protecting the global interests of the United States. She coordinates inputs across the department from the military services and agencies to ensure buy-in and consistent policy implementation. Rebecca also works closely with strategic communications and outreach staff to ensure appropriate message and brand concepts are conveyed to Defense Department stakeholders in the surrounding communities, host nations and nongovernmental organizations.

Rebecca has more than 30 years of experience with the Navy, Marine Corps and the Coast Guard as well as a Bachelor of Arts in chemistry from Indiana University and a Master of Education with a focus on secondary science (chemistry) from George Mason University.  She is currently exploring doctoral degree opportunities in environmental science.