Scott Lightle

Project Coordinator (832) 567-7090

As a project coordinator with the Texas A&M Natural Resources Institute, Scott plans and facilitates educational outreach efforts at Long Acres Ranch, a privately-owned venue spanning 768 acres and 2.5 miles of undeveloped land along the Brazos River in Fort Bend County. Long Acres Ranch is historically cultivated for farm and ranch land and the property remains an important piece of history for Texas and Richmond.

Scott, coming from a background of seed and commercial rice production, attended and graduated from Texas A&M University and received a Bachelor of Science degree in agricultural development. Upon graduation Scott had careers in both agricultural research and science education and now seeks to work with Long Acres Ranch Staff and AgriLife Extension and Research Staff to plan and deliver unparalleled learning experiences while supporting the efforts of NRI.




Authored Articles

Long Acres Ranch: Demonstrating Native Grassland Restoration

At Long Acres Ranch in Richmond, TX, we are looking forward to the response of native grasses and forbs planted in a demonstration field in the spring of 2018. We would love to jump to the future and see the results of our 30-acre planting that is full of potential for a variety of life. Even so, we know we will have to wait. As the saying goes, native grasses seem to sleep the first year as they develop their root systems, they creep in the second year with a little more obvious growth, and if we are lucky with rainfall, they leap with growth in the third year.