Krysta Demere

Research Associate (979) 458-8553

Krysta Demere joined Texas A&M Natural Resource Institute in October 2016 as a research associate. Her research efforts with the institute have been focused on establishing baseline data for Texas bats prior to the arrival of the chiropteran disease known as white-nose syndrome. She and her colleagues have documented bat winter activity, species composition, distribution and the environmental conditions of roost sites across Texas. Krysta’s current research collaboration is focused on the ecological monitoring of military lands and conducting baseline biological surveys to ensure compliance with environmental policies.

Prior to joining the institute, Krysta completed her Master of Science under the guidance of Dr. Loren K. Ammerman at Angelo State University in 2015. Her thesis work focused on using molecular methodology to document the diet of the American Parastrelle, the smallest bat species in North America. She received a Bachelor of Science in both biology and psychology from Angelo State University in 2013.

On and off the job, Krysta enjoys spending time outdoors and takes every opportunity to adventure out with her horse and dog.