NRI launches first UAV Short Course

NRI works in the spaces where conservation and applied research meet. Given the nature of our hands-on approach, we happen to learn lessons in the field and capture valuable experiences that carry through each initiative. Technology has the ability to shape our outcomes, but we're learning to wield that power and become more precise and purposeful as it takes its place in our research. 

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are no exception—they can be a powerful tool that gives us a vantage point worthy of changing perspectives and solving challenges. We've shared some about our work with UAVs and their potential place in wild pig management, but now we're ready to start passing along the expertise. 

NRI will be hosting a three-day course designed for both new and experienced users of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), with the purpose of teaching participants how to collect raw data and then create useful mapping products to accomplish their goals. Course topics will range from basic rules governing UAV use to processing raw data using GIS methods, and will also include hands-on training for setting up missions and using UAV equipment. Upon completion of the course attendees will have a basic understanding on how to setup and operate UAVs, as well as manipulate data collected to create useful end products.

We're excited to be expanding our work into the field of UAVs and we're looking forward to the ways we can continually educate land owners and conservationists alike. For more information on the course and registration, see our event listing here > 2018 UAV Short Course.



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