We're in pursuit of discovery in July's Conservation Matters

In the July issue, we're uncovering the ways researchers are connecting their work with communities for good, the importance of knowing your animals, the unlikely suspects devastating research sites, mobile apps for private land stewardship and more. Subscribe today to stay in the know on all things moving the needle for discovery, conservation and applied science. 

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Stewards of Discovery: Sincerely, Nevada
Where the pursuit of discovery is paramount, taking advantage of the way technology can connect research with community we hope will soon be a practice every scientist takes on. Read more.

Texas A&M opens new teaching gardens 
The Leach Teaching Gardens are part of phase I of a 27-acre, multi-million dollar master plan for The Gardens on the Texas A&M west campus. Additional areas, including a Children’s Garden, Feed the World Plaza and Grove Amphitheater, are scheduled for later phases. Read more.

Private Land Stewardship: The importance of knowing your animals
Gaining a better understanding of common wildlife as well as species you may never encounter will not only make you a more informed wildlife enthusiast, it can provide you with a well-rounded approach to private land stewardship. Read more.

Rio Grande Basin-wide project addressing water challenges for
agricultural sustainability

Researchers are investigating alternative water sources that can be used for irrigation and conserve groundwater and the Rio Grande’s freshwater. Read more.

Spotlight on quail predators: Coyotes and the mesopredator
release hypothesis

Coyotes (Canis latrans) are widely assumed to be a major threat to quail populations, but are such accusations warranted? Read more.

Meet a Scientist: Girisha Ganjegunte 
Girisha Ganjegunte’s research at the Texas A&M AgriLife Research and Extension Center at El Paso focuses on salinity assessment and management, water reuse and freshwater conservation. Read more.

Using mobile apps to assist in grazing management
Read more.

Zebra mussels: Help Texas stop this invasive water species 
Read more.

Managing feral hogs on your property
Read more.

TWRI awards two graduate research grants
Read more.

July Quail Decline Newsletter: The future of quail conservation
Read more.

The Brazos: Legacy of a Mighty River exhibit opens
Read more.

Caught in the act: Proving theories with trail cams
Read more.

Paper presents changes in Ogallala Aquifer groundwater quality 
Read more.

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