Leopold Live launching in one week

As Dr. Lopez explains, "Adjusting to social distancing measures has allowed us to think creatively in how we approach our engagement work."

When approaching with an outstretched hand is out of the question, connecting with partners and remaining vigilant in our mission to support private landowners in their stewardship efforts has never looked so different. So we're embracing the routines that keep us moving forward and true to our spirit here at NRI through nimble creativity. 

In one week, we're launching Leopold Live, a 5-week series conducted in partnership with the Selah, Bamberger Ranch Preserve to demonstrate to students, landowners and wildlife enthusiasts the original 5 creative methods conceptualized by Aldo Leopold to effectively manage wildlife populations and their habitats. 

And we're taking it live. 

Each week, we'll be tapping that "Go Live" button with gloves on in the field to show you the fundamental methods of land and wildlife management on a 5,000-acre property that uses them every day. We'll be starting at 10 a.m. every Wednesday for 5 weeks, so join us right here on Facebook Live on September 23rd and tell your neighbors to tune in. We're ready to see your names and faces again, and couldn't be more excited to get to share resources and answer questions from you on the spot!

Just like old times, only different. 

Watch the series trailer here with Dr. Lopez and Bamberger Ranch Preserve Executive Director Dr. April Sansom to learn about why we chose Bamberger and how this partnership came to be. Then click the ticket below!



Thanks to Liz Anna Kozik for the Aldo Leopold illustration up top!



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