Forging Ahead


August, 2020

COVID may have changed our summer plans, but we're forging ahead with new ways to deliver quail education. This month, you can practice your plant identification skills with a new PLS vignette, enjoy some online learning activities hosted by the Rolling Plains Bobwhite Brigade, and join us in congratulating Dr. Dale Rollins on achieving professor emeritus status!

What's new with RQDI?

Coming Soon: RQDI Sourcebook. Following the example set by NRI with its recent sourcebook, we'll soon be releasing a similar resource for the Quail Decline Initiative, highlighting the work that's been done over the years. Look for it by the end of the month!
CONGRATULATIONS to Dr. Dale Rollins, who was recently awarded professor emeritus status! Dr. Rollins has been instrumental in leading the Reversing the Quail Decline Initiative, and although he is now retired, he continues to be a driving force for quail conservation in Texas.

Resources for Students of Quail

PLS Vignette: "Virtual Plant ID"

Our friends from the M.J. Hannah Ranch in Gatesville have put together a PLS deck to help ID plants found on the property. How many of these can you name?

Test your skills here.


Remote Learning with the Bobwhite Brigade

RQDI been a longtime supporter of the Texas Brigades, and while we're disappointed that camp could not be held in-person this year, we're also excited for some upcoming distance learning activities to be hosted by the Rolling Plains Bobwhite Brigade.

Check out the event schedule here!


Video of the Month

You may not appreciate ragweeds (especially during allergy season), but quail sure do. This video covers why this humble plant is considered "quail ambrosia."

Upcoming Event: RPQRR Bug Day

Looking for a way to assist with quail research, or an excuse to get out of the house? Either way, your help would be greatly appreciated at the annual Rolling Plains Quail Research Ranch bug sorting day. NO prior experience needed! Find the details in this newsletter.

Thank you all for your continued support! If you want the most up-to-date quail news, check out our social media accounts below.

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