Supporting the Recovering America's Wildlife Act

The Recovering America’s Wildlife Act, a new bipartisan bill in Congress, could change the way wildlife conservation is funded throughout the United States.

This bill would bring over $63 million every year to the state of Texas and over $1.3 billion annually nationwide—the most significant investment in wildlife conservation in the United States in over 80 years. And the good news is, there would be no new taxes! Existing royalties from energy production would be reinvested into wildlife conservation, which is good for our wildlife, our businesses, and our citizens.

By focusing on preventative conservation efforts, such as restoring wildlife habitat, fighting invasive species, and controlling emerging wildlife diseases, we can give struggling wildlife species a fighting chance, before it’s too late; a clear objective at Texas A&M NRI. For more information, please visit the Texas Alliance for America’s Fish and Wildlife:


Texas Parks and WildlifePublished on Jul 31, 2018



Header photo by Ian Gates

Video courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife


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