Research scientist receives Outstanding Graduate Award

We congratulate IRNR's Dr. Ashley Long, a graduate of Emporia State University (ESU; M.S. 2009 in College of Liberal Arts and Sciences), who was selected as Outstanding Recent Graduate Award of 2017. The Outstanding Recent Graduate Award is a prestigious award that recognizes former students who graduated from ESU within 10 years (12 years at most) and have accomplished significant achievements.

Ashley is a research scientist for the institute and examines factors that drive species’ distributions and wildlife population dynamics. Her research focuses on avian movements, survival and reproductive success in relation to vegetation management such as prescribed burning and thinning, development such as road construction and natural landscape alterations. Ashley’s current research collaborations use emerging technologies, such as light-level geolocators and Doppler radar data, to examine migratory connectivity for endangered species and to develop management recommendations that reduce risk of collisions between nuisance species and military aircraft.

Ashley also contributes to strategic development of NRI’s Land Trends Program, which supports sound land management practices by translating science and assisting diverse stakeholders.

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